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Sinister Soles was founded by a husband and wife team - with longtime ties to the gothic/industrial music scene - and a lifetime love of a good pair of boots.

He was based in Germany during the early years of the Electro/Industrial movement. Back before you could just pop online and find those unique boots, they'd modify their own steel toes - carefully cutting away the leather from the toe and polishing the exposed silver. We've got it so easy these days, don't we? Well, this is obviously a man who's passionate about his boots, so how perfect was it for him to meet his shoe-loving honey.

She found Carnaby Street in London when she was 18 - and her first pair of platform shoes. It was indeed a life-altering experience, as she dreamt of one day having a shoe store of her own - with funky shoes and boots you couldn't just walk into any-old store to find. Well, its turned out to be an internet based store - but home of amazingly cool footwear it is!

They met in Philadelphia, where they now call home, and together bring you Sinister Soles.

As a company, we're all about bringing you awesome shoes and boots - and certainly not what you'll find at the mall (at least not most malls). Yes, we're heavy on Demonia for the moment, but there's lots more arriving in the months to come. Our goal is to give you a unique selection, at super-low prices - of course with excellent customer service. After all - if you're not happy, we're not happy. We check our customer service email fairly obsessively and are -almost- always around to answer our phone line.